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This Jon Nödtveidt written article was originally published in the June/July issue of the Swedish magazine Metal Zone #5 in 1994. This article was in a section of the magazine that was called the “Extreme Zone” and that made me aware of many “new” bands (for me at least) at the time like Nifelheim, Ophthalamia, Marduk, Immortal, Einherjer, Opeth, etc.

Hell this article is the reason why I got into Nifelheim! It made me search/hunt for a CD copy of the excellent A Journey In Darkness (1994) by Ophthalamia for years... This even made me buy, without listening to it first, the first and only Opeth album that I own Orchid (1995). Don't get me wrong it's a great album but I lost interest in them after that.

Looking back Metal Zone was an alright magazine, but the path it lead me into and the contribution by Jon Nödtveidt and Ole Öhman made it worth way more then my money when I was 14 years old. I got every issue except for #3 back then (still looking for it).

The magazine was heavily focused on "regular" Heavy Metal, grunge and AOR crap, this issue had Alice Cooper and Stone Temple Pilots on the cover had on articles with Clawfinger, Pride And Glory, Gilby Clarke, Benediction and Napalm Death

More important a Bathory one. Jon Nödtveidt interview Quorthon for his solo album called just Album (1994) but Jon focused very much on the whole history of Bathory it's greatly written.

If you want an English translation it's included in Slayer Mag X. If you don't want to hunt for that issue it's of course included in the amazing book Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries from 2011 can't recommend that book enough it's a must have for anyone interested in great music.

Equally as important as the "Extreme Zone" and the Bathory article in this issue was a Dissection interview with Jon Nödtveidt (read a English translation here) it  Also the Emperor interview done by Jon. It made me buy In The Nightside Eclipse (1994) that same year, actually it was the very first Norwegian Black Metal album I bought. See an English translation I did over here.

I can say that it was thanks to Jon Nödtveidt that I discovered MANY bands in 1994.

Article written by Jon Nödtveidt published in 1994 originally in the Swedish magazine Metal Zone #5 of June/July.

Translated by @herr_black_metal on Instagram

Extreme Zone
A guide to the underground

Welcome honored death-heads! Extreme Zone is back now on a bit larger scale than before. We will of course continue our strive to make these Devilish pages expand even more so we don’t totally choke on all the ****-rock, AOR (or whatever it’s called) that this magazine is filled to the brim with otherwise. We need all the support we can get and we want to know what you as readers viewpoint, so write and state your opinion! All critique, positive or negative, is necessary for the development of Extreme Zone to make it as strong and satisfying as possible. Every extreme Death, Thrash, Black Metal band grab your senses and immediately send your demo tapes, albums (+ preferably with photos and info) or whatever it might be, to get an honest review. This time we have also chosen to include some reviews of fanzines and we will continue to do so if there’s an interest and depending on what we’ll get. So every fanzine editor that want to give your zine some publicity, send us your creations!

First out this time is EINHERJER from Norway with their demo “Aurora Borealis”. Einherjer plays according to them they play epic Viking Metal and the description is more than fitting because of the Norse music atmosphere. Despite the fact that Einherjer does have a pretty own sound it’s mixed with some influences from the two latest Bathory albums and also a whole lot of Black Metal. Of the demos four tracks it’s the last song, “Einherjer” that distinguish itself most with its dark mood. Also the opening song “De Sorte Sjoers Land” is very good. The singing varies mostly from traditional raw to “regular” so to speak. Quite tiresome in the long run, but at some moments very recommendable. “Aurora Borealis” can be ordered for 30 NKR.

Here are a couple of guys that apparently have been listening too much to Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. LEGION from Kiruna delivers a tight and well played Death Metal, but sadly with none sort of originality. One actually begins to think if they strive to sound as standard American as possible. This is Legion’s second demo and because of the fact it’s no treat I hope for the sake of the band they will pull themselves together and put them in some sort of creative approach. If this had been recorded 5-6 years ago it would be on a whole other level.

Once again we heed to our neighbors in the west. HADES is one of the more new Norwegian bands and has accomplished to create a nice debut demo. “Alone Walkyng”, is the title and consists of three songs in heavy Black Metal spirit. “Unholy Congregation”, “Hecate (Queen of Hades) (absolute best of the three) and the titletrack “Alone Walkyng”. It comes as no surprise that Hades musically is almost identical with other Nordic Black Metal bands meaning it’s quite predictable at times. But quite good! Except for the demo “Alone Walkyng” that’s available for 30 NKR, they also have t-shirts available for 100 NKR.

A new single with rerecordings of three songs from EMPEROR’s debut demo “Wrath of the Tyrant” will be released within a couple of days. The single will be printed in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies (with a sticker). Certainly a very sought after release. The easiest way to obtain it is to send 40 crowns to Nocturnal Art Productions, namely Emperor themselves. (Herr_BM: it’s “As The Shadows Rise” single Jon is writing about here.)

We have had the honor to take part of four new songs from a fresh new recording done by the extremely cruel psychopaths in NIFELHEIM from Dals-Långed. A recording that really reeks of hate and death! Songs like “Sodomizer”, “Witchfuck”, “The Devastation” and “Eternal Evil” is explicitly said so hellish awesome that all other new Black Metal sounds like gospel in comparison. Loyal readers of Extreme Zone of course noticed these guys in MZ nr 3, when we praised their debut demo, but this is the best! Fast, raw and crushing “Satanic Speed Metal” with an atmospheric aura of the blackest devilish evil. Sadly this recording is unofficial, but do not despair, because the excellent Nifelheim demo is still available to order if you’re fast enough 30 crowns + postage (an investment smarter than smartest). It will not be too long until we get to hear Nifelheim on an album. They’re going to appear on a compilation album on American Necropolis Records and later probably a whole full length album on the same company. We wait with big expectations…       
The Northern Darkness Tour* with IMMORTAL and MARDUK is postponed because the organizer has been changed. The tour was originally was going to start on the first of April, but will instead begin on 27/5 and continue until 12/6. Totally 17 gigs and to us Northmen sadly not one in Scandinavia. *(Herr_BM note: the tour was actually called “Sons of Northern Darkness 94” and they played in Denmark so I would say they did play one gig in Scandinavia, I don’t know if that was changed or if Jon got the wrong info)

Swedish OPHTHALAMIA’s album debut “A Journey In Darkness” (Avantgarde Music) have after many circumstances finally been released. But not all the problems of Ophthalamia have been solved. The Italian record label Avantgarde Music has because of disagreement with the band cancelled all plans of any tours. The lack of distributors also cause that “A Journey In Darkness” still is very hard to get ahold of, but hopefully that’s going to change. The record is now available at House of Kicks and Heavy Sound.

OPHTHALAMIA’s songwriter “IT” is as you know with “EVIL” from MARDUK on his side also involved with the mythical and notorious “project” ABRUPTUM, their second album was recently released. “In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum” is the title and the album is published on the ghost label Deathlike Silence Productions. The planned razor (!) with the exhortation “cut your wrists” that was supposed to be attached on limited editions, never got done because of different reasons. The one who seeks out to be torn apart by the sharp claws of evil should thoughtfully consider looking after this hard to understand masterpiece.

UK based Candlelight Records some time ago signed the Stockholm band OPETH to its army of (mostly) high quality bands. The debut record “Orchid” is on its way to be released and is a result from a visit to the now widely used Unisound Studio in Finspång. The song titles are “In Mist She Was Standing”, “Under The Weeping Moon”, “The Apostle In Triumph”, “Forest Of October”, “Oath” and “Silhouettes”. The promo tape shows proof of may musically talents. Strongly influenced by Norse Folk Music and Progressive Rock Opeth debuts in a very promising way. We’ll wait with further comments until the album is released.

Like we said in the beginning we’ll henceforth review fanzines so we take a short moment and look at what we got thus far. It should also be added that these magazines are also looking for demos and to review.

The Gathering Zine #1
A very good fanzine written in English. Mostly consisting of Black Metal. Good interviews with bands like: Abruptum, Monumentum, Funeral Nation, Katatonia, Dissection, Throne of Ahaz, At The Gates etc. Also an interview with Slayer magazine. A memorial article dedicated to Mayhem, the history of Mercyful Fate, articles of the occult, album reviews, etc. 56 pager in A4 can be ordered for 20 crowns. Recommended.

Peerless Fanzine #2
Swedish written fanzine in A5. 64 pages full of Swedish Metal. Many reviews of demos/albums/fanzines, talk about songs and other good things. Interview with: Decameron, Merciless, Necrophobic, Edge of Sanity, Dissection, Dark Tranquility and Deranged, just to name a few. An entertaining magazine available for measly 10 crowns + postage. Well worth the price!

Zelot Zine #2
Astonishing great! Incredibly well written and a very professional layout. Packed with interesting reading throughout. Informative interviews with among others: My Dying Bride, At The Gates, Desultory, Overflash, Anathema, Seance, Pan-Thy-Monium, Nocturnal Rites and In The Colonnades. Articles, demo/album reviews, news and everything one can think of. Also a three paged tribute article on the kings of gothic rock Fields of the Nephilim. As you’d already understand this is a 68 paged A5 that’s characterized with a very high quality and I say easily that Zelot Zine are at the top of the Swedish fanzine elite, order immediately for 20 crowns. Overwhelming!

Nordic Vision #1
Nordic Vision is a Norwegian produced fanzine that according to me is a bit sloppy. Boring layout and so on, but because this is their first issue one can only hope that the coming numbers will get better. This can however be interesting for you that want to read some more about Black Metal. Interviews with: Rotting Christ, Marduk, Darkthrone, Monumentum, Dissection, Satyricon, Slayer Magazine and No Fashion Records. Also a bunch of reviews. It cost 30 crowns and we are only getting 22 pages. Expensive?

Dark Dimensions #2
Last out we have Dark Dimensions. Here’s served Black and Death Metal in a large amount! 62 pages on A4 written in Swedish. The interviewed bands are: Rotting Christ, Necrony, Vomitory, Tiamat, Dark Tranquility, Decameron, Marduk and a bunch of others. To my delight (and surprise) there’s also a 4-paged interview with the Progressive total favorites Landberk! Lots of reviews and such. Sadly the layout is in this otherwise good fanzine a bit disappointing, that affect the full impression some. For you that got 20 crowns too much why not invest in this magazine?

Enough of drivel for this time. Goodbye!

Jon Nödtveidt

Link to original blogpost: http://herrblackmetal.blogspot.com/2017/09/translation-into-english-of-article.html

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